Congrats, Alain

I hadn't played poker in a few years, but I decided to go play a small tournament over at Borgata. It was incredibly fun, and I wound up playing until about 4am. Borgata's bloggers provide a helpful recap. The key part:

After they traded chips for more than one hour, the final hand is Dubois with A♦ 5♦ vs Way's A♣ 10♥

As the dealer put out the flop, Way was cheering for the "5 of hearts," which clearly would help his opponent.

Flop: 3♣ Q♦ 5♣

Way again says, "come on end it, give him the 5 of hearts."

And with the burn and turn, the 5♥ hit the board and Way was drawing dead.

And with that it ended. The tourney just got more fun as it proceeded. A friendly yet challenging final table, and almost ninety minutes of heads-up play at the conclusion.

Congrats Alain.