Game Selection

In poker, the first (and most important) decision you make is what game to play.  The ideal game is one you understand, where the dynamics are aligned with your behavioral tendencies, and where you have an identifiable edge over your opponents.  Many a great player has fallen because they played in the wrong games.  And many talented grinders have thrived by playing in the right ones. The concept is also true in business.  If you're a fantastically quantitative person who relaxes on weekends by testing hypotheses on datasets that you've loaded into R, you should lean towards business models where such skills add value.

If you're an operational genius who can make any process run smoothly and efficiently, you should play a game that rewards that expertise.  Operational effectiveness might not be strategy, but  some strategies demand operational excellence.  Amazon comes to mind.

It's tempting to play the wrong game.  The wrong game can be incredibly fun, but you can't win if you don't have an edge.