I got asked about podcasts a few times in the past few weeks, so I decided to share some of my favorites.

The Memory Palace - Moments of history turned into amazingly well told short stories. They're evergreen, so you can enjoy them all.

99% Invisible - A beautiful exploration of the design of everyday places and things. Another evergreen series.

Radiolab - Science and culture turned into hypnotic stories. It's always fantastic.

The Moth - True stories told live. Some are hilarious, some are touching, some are insightful. It's a little bit hit or miss, but the hits can be home runs.

Decode DC - a different take on Washington, produced by an experienced political reporter who got sick of reporting the same old stories. A new but promising podcast.

Planet Money - an economics podcast that manages to be interesting and engaging, even to non-economists.

A History of the World in 100 Objects - history illustrated through a hundred objects from the British museum. Each object is a roughly 15 minute podcast.

Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - A weekly speaker series that runs whenever Stanford is in session.

The Sunday Puzzle - Weekly word games by Will Shortz, the editor of the NYT crossword puzzle.